Tire Services

Reliable Tire Services

Maintain Your Safety on the Road With Our Specialized Alignments

We can stop your car from pulling to one side and give you a smoother ride. You will feel more at ease once our technicians have performed one of the following alignments on your vehicle:
  • Front alignment
  • Thrust angle alignment
  • Four wheel alignment

Save Money While Increasing Your Vehicle's Safety

We can help you save money by balancing and rotating your tires! You will also have a smoother ride and even wear on your tires by rotating them equally. Other benefits of our tire service and alignments are:
  • Better gas mileage
  • Better tire traction
  • Maximizes tire life

Your Tire Specialists

Driving with bald or damaged tires puts your safety at risk. You risk getting into an easily avoidable accident every time you get on the road when you drive with bad tires. Let us maintain your tires with balancing, alignment, and rotation services, or buy a new set of tires from us when you need them!
Receive a 2 year, 24,000-mile warranty for most services.
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Moore Automotive performs state-of-the-art Hunter Wheel Alignments on your car, ensuring your family's safety.
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